Launching Heavy Lift Vessel – Oleg Strashnov

31 augustus 2009
Press release


IHC Merwede is proud to announce that the launching of the Heavy Lift Vessel for Seaway Heavy Lifting took place on Saturday 22 August 2009, at the IHC Merwede Offshore & Marine facility in Krimpen aan den IJssel, the Netherlands
With its 5,000MT crane capacity the vessel is the largest mono hull heavy lift vessel in the world and is the largest vessel ever built by IHC Merwede.

In March 2007 IHC Merwede Offshore & Marine was granted this order because of its ability to engineer and build the vessel including the integration of the 5,000MT heavy lift crane within the required short delivery time and for a fixed price. The keel of the vessel was laid on 3 April 2008.

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The vessel is designed for the installation and removal of offshore platforms, subsea constructions and special projects. The introduction of this Heavy Lift Vessel to the market will provide Seaway Heavy Lifting with another versatile vessel and will more than double Seaway Heavy Lifting’s capacity.

On 22 and 24 August the deckhouse of the Oleg Strashnov was transported to the yard in Krimpen aan den IJssel in two separated parts. Shortly after this the total deckhouse was lifted on the vessel. Then the helicopter landing platform was placed on top of the bridge complex. For the construction and completion of the deckhouse a complete subcontractor village including project support has been set up near the hall.
It does not often happen that such a large deckhouse is built within IHC Merwede. The accommodation is suitable to provide accommodation for 220 persons in mainly 1 and 2 person cabins. The upper part of the deckhouse has a width of ca. 29 meter, a length of 42 meter and a height of 16 meter. The lower part has a width of ca. 29 meter, a length of 42 meter and a height of 6,5 meter. The weight that was to be lifted is ca. 1,775 ton.

The Oleg Strashnov is the first vessel that will be moored at the outfitting quay.  This quay has a total length of 285 meter and is equipped with a 60 ton crane and a construction crane of 6 ton. The outfitting quay is part of a large-scale expansion project which also provides for building a panelline hall and a service centre for employees, suppliers and subcontractors. Main target of these renewals is optimizing the process of working and raising the efficiency.

Profile Seaway Heavy Lifting

Seaway Heavy Lifting is an international offshore and removal contractor, experienced in the installation and removal of offshore oil and gas platforms. SHL’s expertise, equipment and track record ensures that the oil companies’ assets are installed in a safe, reliable and timely manner. SHL’s current main asset is the Stanislav Yudin, a monohull crane vessel with 2500mt revolving lift capacity (

Profile IHC Merwede
IHC Merwede is focused on the continuous development of its design and construction activities for the specialised shipbuilding sector, in particular the dredging and offshore industries.
IHC Merwede is world market leader in the construction of specialist dredging equipment. IHC Merwede is also recognised as an outstanding builder of complex, custom-built vessels for offshore construction. The clients of IHC Merwede include major dredging companies, oil and gas exploration groups, offshore contractors and government authorities.
IHC Merwede has a staff of approximately 2,800 at its locations in the Netherlands. There are also branches in China, India, the Middle East, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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For more information please contact:

IHC Merwede B.V.
Mrs. Renée van Krimpen-Baudesson
T +31 184 41 15 55
M+31 622 99 13 29

Main features:



Length overall (excl crane and anchors)


Length between perpendiculars


Breadth moulded (lifting)


Depth main working deck (moulded)


Design draught (moulded)


Scantling draught (moulded)




Deadweight at scantling draught


DP Class


Main hoist


Auxiliary hoist 1


Auxiliary hoist 2


Whip hoist


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